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Software Installation

Follow these video instructions to download and install DaySmart Pet

Installation Instructions

  1. Download 123Pet
    If your download didn’t start automatically, click the link on the page to start it manually. click here
  2. Locate and open the installation file
    This will vary depending on your web browser.

    • Google Chrome adds the download in the lower left of the window.
    • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer show a ‘Run’ button near the center of the window.
    • In Firefox, click ‘Save File’ and find the file in the upper right by clicking the arrow icon.]
  3. Follow the installation prompts
    When the file opens, you’ll need to click ‘Next’ a few times to begin installation. This process may take several minutes. So please sit back and relax while we deliver software to take your business to the next level!
  4. Enter your registration info
    Use the same username and password you chose during signup to register 123Pet. Please use the chat window in your browser to contact us if you run into any issues during installation.

Still Having Problems?

What computer are you installing this on?
To check our recommended hardware requirements, please click here.

More support

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the software or you need help installing DaySmart Pet for your business, contact our support specialists at (800) 604-2040 or send us an e-mail [email protected].