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Release History Cloud


January 31 – Build 1156

  • Added new feature – Reputation Management!
  • User will need to fill out their business information and will also have the option to add their website and logo (these will be included in review emails that are sent out).
  • User can integrate their social media accounts for Yelp, Google & Facebook.
  • Reviews can be sent via emails or text messages.
  • New reports have been added for reviews.
January 31 – Build 1155

  • Added code to support Reputation Management.
  • If a user is not in the US, they will no longer get errors related to incorrect date formats when loading their appointment book for mobile users.
  • Fixed a typo on a pop-up for the Pricing Levels settings screen.


December 14 – Build 1151

  • Fixed an issue causing mobile app crashes.
December 13 – Build 1150

  • The payroll page has now been converted to match the rest of the new pages. The current functionality is still the same.
  • Users will be able to search by date range to view a list of payrolls, by default it will be set for this year.
  • If no payroll has ever been made the user is able to select the start date for the payroll, if there has been a past payroll ran the user will only be able to select the end date and pay date.
  • Updated the default tip percentages when using the iscTouch 250 device. It will now show 15, 20, 25 percent when asking for a tip on the new tip screen.
  • Made improvements to Marketing campaign screens for a more user friendly experience
  • Fixed an issue where the color code type was being displayed on the color code list when editing a service.
November 29 – Build 1149

  • Users will now be able to select which client they want to merge right from the Client List page and merge the selected clients.
  • Now when users edit a client, the first tab they will see is the Overview tab. This tab will provide a brief summary of the client’s last 3 visits and their next 3 visits.
  • Fixed issue where pricing levels were not showing as a possible option when they should have been. (this will now be shown to all users who are Salon Iris Cloud (deluxe/premium) who are not international.
November 20 – Build 1148

  • New features – Employee Exceptions & Pricing Levels!
  • Employee exceptions on a service – this feature will allow the user to set employee price/time exceptions for services.
  • Pricing levels – this feature will allow the user to create pricing levels that can be associated with specific employees and then have specific prices for certain services.
  • Fixed an issue where new color codes were being shown when editing/adding a service that was not supposed to be there.
  • Updated the default service list that is shown in the setup wizard for cloud users.
  • For the first step in the create campaign flow, the one-time campaign will now be automatically selected for those that only have that option.
October 30 – Build 1147

  • Added support for a new Tip screen on the iSC Touch 250 CardConnect device. This tip screen will allow the user to select a percent amount of the total to add as a tip or enter a custom amount. This will require a terminal device update which will be rolling out to our merchants. If their device is not updated, it will fall back to the current enter tip screen.
  • The ‘Confirm Amount’ step on the CardConnect Bolt devices has been reordered to come after the reading of the card finishes instead of happening before the card is inserted/swiped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Product Sales Statistic report would not work in some cases.