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2018 Marketing Campaigns Review & Plan for 2019

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Written by Camilla Mills

recurring marketing

recurring marketing

In order to strategize your 2019 marketing campaigns we first must take a look at how 2018’s marketing performed. It’s easy to get caught up in the frey of managing staff scheduling, product inventories, bills, and push out a marketing campaign as you come up for air; all while having a life.

Having creative ideas for content to win new customers is a never ending process. But how often are we cranking out our creative content on social media and then moving onto the next? It’s time to start tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaigns as 2019 is all about quality content.

In order to strategize your 2019 marketing campaigns we first must take a look at how 2018’s marketing performed. Here are some tips on performing a 2018 marketing post-campaign analysis.

  • As good practice, keep records of your digital footprint. Do a monthly crawl of your social channels and record your followers/likes. By keeping up with these stats you will be able to check how your campaigns affect your social channels
  • Record engagement, see how many re-shares and comments a campaign has on your social channels.
  • Check your open rates associated with email campaigns, cross reference your bookings and sales during that campaign period.
  • Themes – Review your campaigns strategy and objectives
  • Were your efforts centered around brand awareness, targeting existing customers, targeting new customers or selling a new offering?
  • Organize your campaigns by themes: were your efforts centered around:

  1. Brand awareness

            2. Targeting new customers

            3. Customer retention

            4. Selling a new offering

  • Review your web traffic, your digital footprint should reflect your business in its entirety. Any efforts you place into campaigns will likely be reflected in your web traffic
  • Total Traffic – macro goals of getting eyes on  your website is a good measure of effective campaigns
  • Traffic by channel
  • Location of customers – look into where visits to your site derive, you may be surprised!

In 2019 make retaining your existing customers a priority as it is 5x cheaper to hold on to your existing clients than to find new ones.

See below our step by step video on how to set up marketing campaigns in Daysmart Pet and make your marketing strategy even more automated!

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