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Deliver A Client Experience Like No Other

DaySmart Pet's Client and Pet Management Tools allow you to take the best care of your clients.

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Repeat Rewards

Keeps your clients coming back and show them they are valued by offering them a loyalty program through DaySmart Pet.

Loyalty programs through DaySmart Pet:

  • Can be set up based points or as a rewards system
  • Are easily integrated into existing marketing plans
  • Are easy to administer and for clients to use

Daysmart Pet software displays rewards at checkout, so your clients can redeem them toward either immediate or future purchases.

Keep Detailed Notes With Photos

Keep detailed and visual customer, pet, and grooming notes with DaySmart Pet. Visual notes (photographs) help you remember cuts, preferences, and allow you to create a visual record of time’s progression. Keep track of customer and pet information, preferences, past services, products and styles all within DaySmart Pet.

Pet Vaccination Alerts

DaySmart Pet offers vaccination recordkeeping complete with expiration alerts. Each vaccination record can hold detailed notes that include expiration dates. The DaySmart Pet tracking system alerts you of upcoming vaccines set to expire for each pet listed per client record. This way, you can protect your business and let your clients know their pet is due for a vaccination.

Never Search for Info Again

With DaySmart Pet you can create complete client and pet records including linking specific veterinarians to each pet. Create, update and see a full list of veterinarians from within each individual pet record. So, if there is ever an emergency, you’ll have all the information you’ll need, readily accessible!

Complete Client and Pet History

With DaySmart Pet Client History, you can give your memory a break and use the power of data to your favor.

DaySmart Pet Client History let you view each client’s:

  • first and last visit dates
  • total number of visits
  • total amount spent
  • past cancellations, no-shows and/or upcoming appointments
  • previously purchased services, products and more.

This information can help you upsell products based on previous purchases, set up recurring appointments based on the timeframe of prior visits, or set up recurring marketing campaigns targeting specific client or pet criteria.

Features that keep small businesses moving

Start your day with DaySmart software for flexible, dependable solutions to scheduling, booking, payments and more.