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Power Your Decisions With Real-Time Reports

Plot your best path for long-term growth with DaySmart Pet’s ready-made reports feature.

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Chart Employee Performance.

DaySmart Pet tracks key employee performance indicators for sales, bookings and client retention and summarizes performance metrics for employees in terms of revenue and profit. Sort data by dates, hours worked, booking percentages, product returns, and more.

Client and Pet Reporting, Too.

Wondering how many new clients you gained this month?

How much each client spent in total?

Which breed you serviced most?

How many pets need updated vaccinations?

DaySmart Pet has you covered with pre-set client and pet reports – see new client lists, no-show reports, client spending, and tickets by breed.

View Stats At-A-Glance

DaySmart Pet presents your day clearly in one fully-customizable Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Upcoming Appointments, and more. DaySmart Pet’s Dashboard lets you input your personal business goals, run reports for to your specifications, and easily track how your business is doing.

No More End of Day Overwhelm.

DaySmart Pet takes the difficulty out of end-of-day accounting tasks with the Sales Totals and Tax Report. DaySmart Pet gathers information in the background during the day that’s ready to display whenever you’re ready to close your books. Choose your format, filter by dates, or highlight only certain employees.

Features that keep small businesses moving

Start your day with DaySmart software for flexible, dependable solutions to scheduling, booking, payments and more.