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Eliminate No-Shows With Automated Appointment Reminders

End no-show frustration by sending email and text appointment reminders. (Save time and money, too!)

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Automated Reminders Give You Time

How much time do you spend canceling, rescheduling, and reminding people about their appointments? DaySmart Pet automates that process in just a few simple clicks. Enjoy hassle-free, customizable communications that actually increase customer engagement and satisfaction and save you time and money.

Confirmations Made Easy

DaySmart Pet allows clients to easily confirm appointments through reply texts that automatically update your books. That’s one more step you don’t have to worry with yourself, giving you more time to manage (not micromanage) your business.

Keep Employees In-The-Know

DaySmart Pet isn’t only for clients. It’s also beneficial for employees. Appointment reminders can also serve as alerts for employees to keep them in-the-know regarding schedule changes. This way they can schedule, ┬áreschedule different clients or rearrange their days with ease.

Fully Customizable To Suit Your Business

  • Customize appointment reminders to fit your brand.
  • Choose which reminders you would like to send to employees and/or clients.
  • Have control over which audience receives which communication through segmentation.
  • Use our ready-made email and text appointment templates or write your own from scratch
  • Choose when to remind your clients. Reminders can be sent 1 to 7 days before upcoming appointments.
  • Quickly enable or disable all notifications for email and/or text notifications for employees/clients
  • Easily turn off text and/or email notifications on an individual basis.
  • Allow clients to confirm their appointments by email or text and edit the default confirmation message, if required.

Features that keep small businesses moving

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