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DaySmart Pet For DayCare Available Now!

Do you offer doggy daycare? Want to? DaySmart has the perfect software for you!

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Pet Daycare Software

Dynamic, Responsive Digital Appointment Book

DaySmart Pet for DayCare gives you access to a purpose-built scheduling system designed just for animal daycare providers. Whether you provide doggy daycare as a standalone service or as a part of your larger grooming or pet care business, DaySmart Pet for DayCare has options that will work for you. And, if you’re already a DaySmart Pet customer, DayCare integrates seamlessly with your existing appointment scheduling features.

  • Responsive, digital appointment book with at-a-glance readability
  • 24/7 online daycare booking
  •  See and market upcoming availability
  • Create bookings by both daycare room needed and by available dates

Rooms to Roam, Play, and Snooze the Day Away

Create and assign dogs to specific rooms based upon your clients and your needs.

  • Need four rooms for senior pets? You can make them.
  • Got an overload of pandemic puppies? Schedule them all.
  • Where did all these midlife rescue hounds come from? Doesn’t matter. Give them a room of their own.

With DaySmart Pet for DayCare, you’re in charge of organizing how your business separates, groups, and tracks the animals in your care.

Detailed Client Histories Keep You On Track

With DaySmart Pet for DayCare, you can create detailed client histories for each pet client and organize them under them within their pet family. Multi-pet families are no problem for DaySmart Pet for DayCare. Detailed client histories also allow you to:

  • upload photos, store forms, emergency contact information, behavior and allergy notes, and create complete client profiles.
  • create detailed client records to protect your clients and your business.
  • store client information within the software for easy retrieval and secure storage.
  • build client trust with pet-specific knowledge on-hand at any time for any reason.

Easily Communicate With Clients—Electronically!

Send texts and emails to clients from within DaySmart Pet for DayCare. Create dynamic and lasting customer relationships by reaching your clients where they’re most likely to see and respond to your messages—their phones.

  • Remind clients of upcoming daycare bookings, schedule changes, routine closures, or special occasions.
  • Market openings, special events like picture days, available packages—like training or grooming services—or refer-a-friend deals.
  • Create dynamic and lasting customer relationships through two-way text communications.
  • Stay top-of-mind with updates, information, and regular contact.
  • Encourage repeat business through proven customer engagement strategy.

Easy To Use Digital Forms

Create new, digital forms in minutes with DaySmart Pet for DayCare.

  • Create digital forms for your clients to complete before they arrive.
  • Custom fields like multiple-choice, dropdown, date/time, short/long answers, optional/required capability, and signature capture with drag-and-drop capability with preview mode for mobile and desktop.
  • Drag-and-drop capability for easy organization including headers, paragraphs, and separators.
  • Go paperless with forms storage and organization within DaySmart Pet for DayCare so information is always at your fingertips.
  • Easily track client information like vaccination status within DaySmart Pet for DayCare.

Features that keep small businesses moving

Start your day with DaySmart software for flexible, dependable solutions to scheduling, booking, payments and more.

123Pet is now DaySmart Pet

After more than a decade, we're changing the name of 123Pet - same great product, pricing and sales and support teams... just a new name.